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Dr. Lindsey Harding

N.D. Naturopathic Physician

“Dr. Lindsey Harding is passionate about maximizing the joys of life. To get the most out of life, she knows you have to feel good, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Nervous system health, such as brain and mental health are Dr. Harding’s top priorities. She understands that if you don’t feel mentally well, you can’t physically feel your best. Dr. Harding focuses on brain health, specializing in anxiety, depression, Bipolar disorders, sleep disorders, and dementia prevention. 

Since nearly all health matters start in the gut and lead to inflammation and autoimmunity, Gastroenterology and Autoimmunity are her other areas of focus. Imbalances in these systems is a major contributor to physical pains, sleep disorders, and nervous system dysfunction. Treating the root cause is necessary to return to a state of balance. Dr. Harding believes every client should be treated as a whole and individual person, this means addressing all concerns in the role of primary care physician, while also focusing on key systems to treat and prevent disease.“

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